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The Best Bag For Your Yoga Mat!


Are you searching for an easier way to carry your yoga mat and protect it from damage and dirt?

Hi, my name is Sarah, and in this episode of Top Rated, I’m going to show you a perfect solution to fully enjoy every part of your yoga classes.

If you are an active yogi, you probably have experienced the frustration of carrying around your yoga mat, as it keeps trying to unroll. It can be especially annoying when you decide to practice yoga outdoors and take a short walk to your favorite spot. Or maybe you know the feeling of carrying a bag that feels unbalanced and doesn’t wholly support your not-so-cheap yoga mat.

Well, with Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag, you will never have to deal with these problems. The thick straps of optimal length make it incredibly comfortable to carry, while the bag itself brings much more space than you are used to. It is longer and wider than other bags, which guarantees you will never have to struggle with yoga mat trying to wiggle its way out again. The wide top makes it perfect not only for extra-thick mats but it also provides enough space to store your other yoga accessories like yoga block and yoga strap.

This fantastic yoga mat bag is everything you will ever want to take to your yoga classes. Made of cotton canvas and available in multiple colors, it has reinforced stitched seams that make it handy for carrying other longer items, too; it will bear up to 20lbs weight.

Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag also has an extra pocket for a towel and bottle of water, and a smaller secure zipped pocket for personal belongings like your phone, keys, and cards. Plus, it comes with two elastics to keep your mat tidy and rolled up, and a classy gift box.

Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag is beautiful, practical, secure, durable, and makes the perfect carrier for any yoga mat. That is what makes it a TOP RATED product!

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