This Top Rated Disposable Fancy Dinnerware Set Is What You Need For Your Glamorous Party!


Hi, my name is Amber, and in this episode of Top Rated, I’m going to show the perfect dinnerware set that guarantees you won’t lose any time on tidying up after all the fun.

This beautiful gold and white Aynat Fun Disposable Fancy Dinnerware Set looks like the most beautiful china, but it’s actually designed of a premium, recyclable BPA-free plastic. Put it on the table and don’t be surprised to see your guests trying to actually save their plates to wash!

If you hate cleaning after the party but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetic, this set is exactly what you need! Time to organize that birthday celebration, bachelor or graduation party, bridal shower, or even an engagement party without stressing about the mess that comes after it.

This luxury disposable and reusable dinnerware set will trick even the most demanding guests. Let them feel special using this gorgeous set, that they won’t believe is plastic! You can throw it away after use but if you really want to keep it, you can easily hand wash it and store away till next time.

This incredible 216-piece set for 24 people, comes with all you need for a glamorous party. It includes gold rim small and large premium plastic plates, beautiful gold rim plastic cups, champagne flutes, unique Airlaid Linen-Touch napkins and gold napkin rings, as well as a full plastic cutlery set with gold plastic forks, knives, and plastic spoons. All packed up in a sturdy box and ready for your party!

With Aynat Fun Disposable Fancy Dinnerware Set you don’t have to sacrifice on elegance to save on washing up, and that is what makes it a TOP RATED product!

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